Data Services

Data is often more valuable than the device it is stored on.
We can assist with all your data needs from data retrieval,
backup assistance, data destruction and hard drive shredding.

Data Retrieval

If your data has been deleted or lost and is no longer available via the conventional recycle bin / trash recovery methods then there is a very good chance that we can retrieve your data for you. We can retrieve deleted or lost files from hard drives, USB flash drives or memory cards. We can even retrieve data from deleted, formatted, corrupted or lost partitions.

Important : Stop Using Your Drive


To increase your chances of us retrieving your deleted or lost data do not use the drive. Bring the drive straight to our workshop.


Why is My Data Still Available When I Delete It?


All data that is stored on auxiliary storage is saved in binary format (0s and 1s). In order to permanently delete your data so that it is no longer retrievable, the operating system would need to reset every binary bit where the data is stored to 0 (zero reset). This is a time-consuming and exhaustive task, which is why the the operating system will only delete the index links to your files. Getting access to the deleted data is as simple as restoring the links. For all intense purposes the data is no longer available to the human eye, but the data (0s and 1s) still sits there, until such time the operating system decides to re-utilise the same storage space on the drive to store something else.

Data Wiping / Data Sanitization / Data Destruction
           (Hard Drive Can Be Reused)

You may want to permanently delete sensitive information on your drive for security reasons so that your data is no longer accessible but the drive is still usable. Bring your computer or drive to our workshop and we will make sure that the index links to the information and the information itself you want destroyed will be gone forever.


Connecting Internal Hard Drives the Proper Way


Certain internal laptop and desktop hard drives (PATA, SATA & SCSI) do not perform well or function properly when connected via USB hard drive dongles. This is why we do not use USB dongles when performing data wiping / data sanitization tasks for internal hard drives.


We have non-networked standalone dedicated computers for attaching 2.5" IDE, 3.5" IDE, 2.5" SATA (SATA I, II & III), 3.5" SATA (SATA I, II & III) drives and 3.5" SCSI drives. All internal hard drives are connected properly via a conventional motherboard hard drive controller for undertaking wiping / data sanitization tasks.


We perform comprehensive hard drive mechanical tests (for non solid-state drives) and a full OS independent surface scan to ensure your drive is fully functional prior to carrying out data wiping / data sanitization. We then use specialised OS independent software to perform the data wiping / data sanitization tasks. No task is performed within the Windows environment. This ensures that no process or 3rd party software interferes with the task at hand.

Hard Drive Shredding (Physical Destruction)

We even have a facility to physically destroy your hard dive if needed. We can shred your hard drive and provide you with a certificate of destruction.

Free 16GB USB Drive

We provide all customers with a complimentary 16GB USB flash drive.
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