Ammanford Computer Maintenance - Health Checks & Tune-ups

PC Health Check-ups

Our full-system tune-up service includes various optimisation tweaks.

Full-system Tune-up

Bring in your PC to our workshop for a full health check and tune-up. Our full-system tune-up service includes the following optimisation tweaks:

  • System pre-check:
    • System memory, CPU and video card stress test to ensure all the main internal components are fully functional.
    • Hard drive performance test to ensure hard drive is functioning at the proper speed.
    • Hard drive low level (file system and hardware independent) physical surface scan to ensure there are no bad sectors.
  • Update BIOS (if required).
  • Re-partition your hard drive to separate the operating system / installed applications (C: OS-APPS) and your user files e.g. documents, music, videos, photos etc (D: DATASTORE)
  • Install and configure security software including firewall and antivirus software.
  • Install up-to-date device drivers for all internal and external hardware devices.
  • Perform OS tweaks.
  • Install OS updates, patches and service packs.
  • Perform hard drive file and directory size analysis to see if any unnecessary large files or directories can be deleted.
  • General hard drive cleanup (includes cleanup of temporary files / directories, log files, DNS cache, error reporting, memory dumps, jump lists, recycle bin etc).
  • Perform service pack cleanup.
  • Clean, repair and optimise registry.
  • Configure automation scripts and schedule tasks including auto-defragmentation and auto-backups / auto-synchronisation.
  • Defrag and optimise page files and registry hives.
  • Create drive image for the OS partition for restore point.

Dust Clean-out / Fan Cleaning

After a while your computer’s CPU heatsink fan, video card fan, PSU fan and case fans can build up with a layer of dust. This build up of dust can reduce the airflow and rpm speed of the fans which can affect their ability to cool down your computer. As well as making an unwelcoming noise, the build up of dust on your computer’s internal fans can cause your CPU and other electronic components to overheat. If these components overheat your system could end up crashing, hanging or switching off. Even worse, you could cause permanent damage to your CPU or other components. Bring in your computer to our workshop and we can clear out your clogged up fans and remove all the dust from your machine so the internals of your computer system look as good as new, work as good as new and reduce the overall noise your computer fans make.

Re-apply CPU Thermal Paste / Gel

Over time the cooling compound on your CPU can dry up and become less effective in helping to keep your CPU as cool as possible. If need be, we can put a new layer of thermal cooling paste on your CPU to keep your CPU as cool as possible and to reduce the chances of your CPU from overheating.

Free 16GB USB Drive

We provide all customers with a complimentary 16GB USB flash drive.
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    Evette (The E-Team)

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    Sam (Ammanford)

  • Charles managed to diagnose and fix the hard drive errors on my PC.

    Don (Llangenech)

  • My computer was all fixed within 5 minutes. Charles, you are a gem.

    Craig (Penygroes)

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