Networking & Internet

We provide a full range of IP network installation services.
We can design, install, configure, update and maintain your local
and wide area network and all IP network devices.

Network Installation & Support

We provide a full range of IP network installation services. We can design, install, configure, update and maintain your local and wide area network and all IP network devices. Our services include:

Network Schema Design

We can design your complete network to ensure if fits your existing and future requirements. Here is an example as basic LAN schema

IP Network Hardware and Cabling Advice

We can provide assistance and advice in relation to your network and cabling requirements. We can provide purchasing advice on routers, switches, comms cabinets, wireless access points, VOIP hardware, IP CCTV and other IP network devices.

Structured Cabling Installation

We can install and terminate Category 5e, Category 6 and Category 6a copper twisted pair infrastructure. This includes fitting and installing the cable, faceplates / modules / sockets, cabinets and patch panels. We can also install and terminate Fibre Optic (multimode and singlemode – splice or cut and polish).

Network Hardware Installation

We can install and configure all network devices including switches, routers, VOIP hardware, wireless access points, IP CCTV, IP printers, IP scanners and other IP network devices.

Off-site Support (via VPN)

We can setup a VPN between our office and your LAN to enable us to provide off-site support.

Internet Setup / Support

We offer a full Internet broadband installation and configuration service (ADSL and fiber optic). We can also configure extra switches and wireless access points if required.

Our ADSL installation service includes:

  • Replacing the older external phone cable that links from the BT 66 junction box to your master socket (if required).
  • Replacing the NTE5 master socket insert with an ADSL faceplace (to exclude all telephone extensions from the ADSL ring).
  • Installing and manually configuring your ADSL router.
  • Installing and configuring secure wireless access (and extra wireless access points if required).
  • Installing extra network switches if required.
  • Configuring IP services such as VPN if required.
  • Installing and configuring other IP devices if required (such as IP printers, IP scanners, IP CCTV etc).

PBX VoIP Setup

Traditionally, PBX (Private Branch Exchange) telephone systems were only used by larger businesses and corporations with big telecommunication budgets. However, the introduction of virtual hosted VoIP PBX services have allowed business of all sizes to have all the benefits of a PBX system such as telephone extensions and call queuing by utilising their existing LAN infrastructure and the Internet.

We provide a full VoIP hardware telephone installation, configuration and training service for your business. The IP PBX VoIP service we configure is very cost-efficient and feature rich. Some of the IP phone services include:

  • Up to 800 telephone extensions
  • Call groups
  • Call queuing
  • Call barring
  • Unlimited lines and calls
  • Automatic call recording
  • External direct dial In (DDI)
  • Internal direct dialling to extensions
  • Business hours
  • Ring one or ring all (simultaneous ring)
  • Group in / out toggle
  • Busy lamps
  • Line & number presentation

We transferred our business telephone system to a virtual PBX VoIP platform in 2005, and we have been very impressed by the extensive features available and the low cost at which these IP phone services are available for. These IP phone services are suitable for an ordinary office, a virtual office or several offices in several locations and even your home. The PBX VoIP service that we work with is the most fully featured and best value UK VoIP service you’ll find.

Free 16GB USB Drive

We provide all customers with a complimentary 16GB USB flash drive.
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