Resolve Hanging / Slow PC

We provide a system crash-repair service to bring your
computer back to life and to full-working order.

Resolve System Crashing / Hanging

We provide a system crash-repair service to bring your computer back to life and to full-working order. Your system could be crashing or hanging for one of the following reasons:

  • Driver issue.
  • Application issue.
  • Registry issue.
  • OS configuration issue.
  • BIOS issue.
  • Hardware fault (faulty memory dimm, graphics card chip/CPU overheating etc).

Our crash repair service includes:

  • Studying the log files and crash reports to determine the underlying cause of the crash.
  • Performing the action required to fix the crash, which might include:
    • Updating / reinstalling a faulty driver.
    • Updating / reinstalling problematic application.
    • Updating BIOS.
    • Replacing faulty hardware.
    • Reinstalling the OS.

Resolve Slow System, Slow Boot-ups & Boot-up Problems

There are many tweaks that can be performed to improve the overall speed of your computer. Our speed-up/tune-up service includes:

  • Assuring there is enough free hard disk space available for the hard drive to work efficiently.
  • Install new memory dimms if required. Increasing the memory can be a cheap way of improving the overall system speed.
  • Configure shadow RAM for optimum performance.
  • Uninstall unused software applications that are not needed.
  • Analyse processes and memory usage to ensure that no process is hogging system’s resources.
  • Analyse application configurations to ensure that no application is having an adverse affect on the system’s overall performance.
  • Hard Drive Tune-up.
  • System Tune-up.

Free 16GB USB Drive

We provide all customers with a complimentary 16GB USB flash drive.
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    Evette (The E-Team)

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    Terry (Absolute Marquees)

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    Michelle (M4 Services Travel)

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    Tracey (Tycroes)

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    Sam (Ammanford)

  • Charles managed to diagnose and fix the hard drive errors on my PC.

    Don (Llangenech)

  • My computer was all fixed within 5 minutes. Charles, you are a gem.

    Craig (Penygroes)

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